Exhibition: Enamels & Textiles April 17-23 2012 Palm House Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney

Scarves on a straight 8Heather and I set up our exhibition at the Palm House, Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney on April 17th, opening at 12 noon.  The rush is on… all the last minute finishings that suddenly become urgent.

I’ve spent the weekend wet finishing the pieces that are complete, and this week getting the last warps on the loom.

These were woven on my Mecchia dobby loom.




Scarves on a straight 8

Hand dyed 3/20's machine washable wool warp, fine wool weft woven in oatmeal weaves. Soft handle, good drape. AUD $115


draftsof oatmeal weaves

Any 8 shaft tie-up with

  • a vertical cut between ends 4 and 5, and 8 and 1, and
  •  a horizontal cut between picks 4 and 5 and 8 and 1,

will weave as an oatmeal weave.  The warp or weft changes face at the cut line, giving a clean edge to the small block of 4 ends and 4 picks.










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