Workshop with Marian in July- design line and 3 echoes

Echo weave scarves, with a design line and 3 echoes in 20/2 silk on 8 shafts

I was privileged to attend a 4 day workshop with Marian Stubenitsky at her home in Randwijk in the Netherlands. It was a wonderful opportunity to study her methods of echo weave with a design line and 3 echoes at regular intervals, and explore her book “Echo and Iris”.  When I came home I needed to start straight away…. with 8 shafts for the first ones, and started with a scarf warp.

The one on the left was set at 30epi for 20/2 silk with a brown weft and on the right I redented to 35 epi, (and I prefer this set) and wove with a blue weft…

The warp colours were a soft orange, an orange red, a bright cerise and dark purple.

The next two scarves were woven in double weave on the same echo threading.

Top one shows horizontal layers of interchanging warp, and the lower one is Marian’s multi colour double weave technique, resulting in true doubleweave over each small block.

Double weave scarves on an Echo threading

graded colours of 20/2 silk

.  Then I couldnt wait to get the wrap warp on!!

And looked first at the quantity of purple 20/2 silk yarn I had dyed ready to weave. I quickly realized that I didnt have enough of any colour and would have to blend the colours from one side of the loom to the other.

warp bundles ready to be placed in the raddle


threading from the raddle groups

The first echoes turned out well, and a challenge… it is the design challenge that I enjoy!!

First part of the echo wrap, almost a full repeat woven

and finished

Design 1

Design 2, echo woven as an As drawn in design

Second echo design on this threading… now sold.