cream Turned M's O's scarf, with silk outline weft
silk outline only shows on the front
Cream Turned M's and O's scarf in wool and silk outline

Cream wool M'S and O'S Scarf

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This scarf is woven in turned M's and O's technique, which results in elongated oval shapes and has  a vertical outline thread of 8/2 mulberry silk.  It is a 6 shaft weave. As one block weaves plain weave and the threads form floats in the adjacent block, the plain weave pushes the floats together during the washing process.  The silk accents show on the front but not the back. 

Its woven in 2ply Bendigo classic wool in warp and weft, and  is a  soft, drapable fabric.

Length: 160cm plus fringes Width 19.5cm

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