Tying on a New Warp

It’s time to tie on the warp I dyed  for  the Convergence fabric length exhibit.  I have long missed the deadline,  family and life intervened.   (Lots of cuddles for a visiting grandchild instead!)

I prefer to tie on if at all possible. Its quicker, you can make tiny colour changes as you go and after you tie, you wind it onto the  warp beam just as if you were using a raddle.   If it’s a wool warp I usually lift half the shafts while winding on, to prevent little balls of fluff forming… which happens sometimes on 12-15m warps.

The video shows me at the half way stage… I have all the dark ends tied on and sitting on top of the castle and am now working across the warp, tying on the light ends.

I prefer to tie on  one thread at a time, taking a thread from the cross in my hand as this preserves the thread order and I find it easier than cutting all the way across and then trying to find the right end to tie..

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