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I  weave in my Epping Studio “Loom Heaven” in Sydney, Australia, working on several compu-dobby looms including a 32 shaft Louet Megado, a 16 shaft Louet Megado,  a 24 shaft Louet Magic Dobby and an 8 shaft Octado,  as well as other floor looms.

I  have a Certificate in Designer Textiles from the School of Textiles , an Advanced Weaving Certificate and and an Advanced Spinning Certificate and years of experimental experience as I have been weaving for exhibition and teaching for almost 30 years. mostly weekly classes for the Hand Weavers and Spinners Guild of NSW and am now teaching privately.

I enjoy weaving a variety of articles and it is a challenge to change from very thick to very fine, light textiles. I like to experiment with a variety of weave structures, and continuously changing colour.

To achieve a unique product, I hand-dye many of my warps, mainly in ikat-like designs, and some wefts.  I weave in wool, silk, mohair, cotton and various mixes including viscose, acrylic and metallics, but my preference is for glorious colour in silk and fine wools.

I am fascinated by the multiple variations of double weave—this is where two layers of cloth are woven one above the other, allowing the interchange of a whole layer or part of a layer, and enjoy designing intricate pattern as in my wall hangings. Weaving double weave, with fibres which shrink differently during finishing, makes wonderful textured fabrics for scarves.

I work a large studio, with a variety of looms, with 4, 8, 12, 16, 24 and 32 shafts. I mostly do my design work using a weaving program, PCW Fiberworks, to investigate the maximum number of patterns possible on each warp threading. I can then put on a warp long enough for several wraps or scarves and weave individual pieces that are quite different from one another.

I exhibit in several different galleries and at various craft shows, and try to weave every day. I believe hand woven pieces should be functional but beautiful – a joy to use and behold.

Current weaving projects include scarves, wraps, throws, wall hangings and floor rugs.


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