A new start with Turned Taquete

Taquete Pattern HangingThe exhibition theme at Craftnsw, the gallery of the Society of Arts and Crafts of NSW in the Rocks, Sydney, was “Pattern”. This was the stimulus for weaving hangings, with large patterns. Turned taquete produces large patterns. I designed an extended parallel threading which was one design in the threading without a repeat, and a long weaving repeat.  The lifting pattern starts to repeat approx. 1/3rd from the bottom.

The hanging is in hand-dyed 20/2’s silk, set at 36epi, and woven at 30ppi with the same silk. Normally a finer grist weft is used for turned taquete, but I wanted the cloth to have sufficient body to hang well. It was 81.5cm in the reed and reduced to 71cm after finishing, 150cm longweighting repaired ends.

Grey Hanging

There were quite a few knots in the yarn and at the finish of weaving, there was  a lot of hardware hanging off the back beam. These are small garden plant/basket hanging hooks which are a good weight for tensioning a single warp end.

In the pic of  the hanging on the loom, you can see that with the thicker weft, the structure shows that it has been derived from Summer and Winter, but the floats are warp floats.    A repaired thread is shown at the base of the pic with the thread wrapped around a pin.