Scarf with graduated colour
Nurturing the soul hanging
Aqua Blue Navy
Multi Yarn scarf- Sienna
By email only at present
C7 Tuesday Morning Class: Loom controlled Lace, Double Weave and  Fun with Summer and Winter Blocks
log cabin weave brown and cream cotton scarf
Craft Market at the Barn, Mosman
Designs and Yarn Kits
Epping Ewes Annual Exhibition,  May 24-26 2024
Fibre Frolic May 4-5 2024
Green and black silk wrap
2 sides of the scarf
Less than $100
2 sides of the scarf
Natural cream cotton scarf
New This Month
Cops of 8/2 cotton ready to use!
Payments for Classes
Blue and Coral Viscose Scarf
Red and black collapse weave scarf
2 sides of the scarf
Small Things
Multi Yarn scarf- Sienna
Hand Woven Throw 70% wool with accents of mohair and viscose
Wall hangings
Multi Yarn scarf- Sienna
Handwoven Wrap in 20/2 hand dyed silk,-Original Design