Nurturing the soul hanging
Dyeing the warp
tying on the warp
testing the weave
the top half
Nurturing the Soul
Liz Calnan

Nurturing the Soul

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This wall hanging was exhibited in "Cartography of Cloth", the inaugural exhibition of the Australian Complex Weavers group.

It is woven in a thread by thread designed double weave. One has the two layers of the cloth on the Fiberworks weaving design  software screen and click and double click on the threads to form the design.  This takes quite some time and meticulous checking to make sure that there are no floats over 4 threads long.  Yes the pattern is small and intricate on this one, but larger pattern areas can be made. 

All the warp and wefts are hand dyed silk, except the black which has been commercially dyed. 

The photos show

  • the full length hanging
  • dyeing the warp
  • tying on the new warp,
  • testing the warp
  • the upper half of the hanging
  • the lower part of the hanging.

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